Tuesday, October 23, 2007

6 Month Stats

Hello all!
Tessa and I ventured out in the rain this morning to go visit her pediatrician for her 6 month appointment. Doctor Johnston think she's doing great and is very happy with everything. He even bragged on her 'cool' cloth diapers and said he had been telling people about them. Spread the word!

Best of all we have gone a full 6 months with no illness at all (I better knock on some wood here), not even a cold! The Doc said she could get the flu vaccine if we wanted but he wasn't really pushing it. Since she is so healthy I think we will pass (plus Jeremy has had an allergic reaction to one before so she could too)

So here are her stats:
-- 80 %tile of weight- 17.4 lbs
-- 85 %tile of height- 27 inches
-- 90 %tile of head circumference

That's right, she's tall and thin with a giant head just like her Mommy used to be (I'm still tall with a giant head)

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BrookZ said...

That is awsome that she has not been sick at all! Breastfeeding has it's benefits right!! Shane is taking Abbey to the 2 month appt where she will get her vaccines- glad Daddy is taking her and not me I think I would cry too!!