Thursday, June 23, 2011

Does Minute Maid Make a Pickle Juice Box?

Clearly this is a girl who knows what she likes, and given her diverse food tastes, I'm usually happy to oblige. I'm picturing some awesome pregnancy cravings for her in about 25 years. Whoah...typing that just gave me a mini brain aneurysm. (and the fact that I spelled aneursym correctly on the first try just gave me another).

This afternoon the kids and I were out running errands, after which we went to LA Fitness so I could go to water aerobics class while they played in the kids club. Thus, we stopped at a local hole in the wall type Mexican place (read: awesome) for dinner and Tessa had a conversation with the waitress that went just like this....

--Do you have some dip for my chips that's not so spicy? (meaning mild salsa)
--No sweetie we don't, sorry.
--Then could you pwease bring me a bowl of whack-a-moley?
--Sure, is that okay Mama?
(nod and smile and try not to laugh)
--Wook, I got a new pair of shoes. I can run berry fast.

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