Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aging Gracefully

Today we hit the museum and for the first time ever, we took no stroller and no diapers (okay there were a couple of those in my bag just in case). Charley hasn't really sat in the stroller at the museum in a while, but I always take it along for insurance in case he gets squirrely. Perhaps those days are past us....not that he won't get squirrely, but that we can handle it in more of a 'big boy' fashion.

He did try to run away a couple of times in Dora exhibit, but I reminded him that we had to stick together when he ran off I had to hold him, which he hated. Tessa ran off once and I told her if she did it again we would leave the Dora exhibit.

So we stuck together well, and spent a solid four hours exploring our favorite museum spots while walking and holding hands. I was proud of Charley yesterday too when we visited Trader Joe's and BOTH kids were pushing mini carts (while I pushed a big one). Once again we stuck together and and we conquered!

With the diaper and restraints behind us, it feels nowadays like have two kids instead of one kid and one baby. It's a nice change, even if a little sad. Charley has been victim of a very annoying phase of toddlerhood where he gets frustrated because he can't talk and resorts to screaming....I very reluctantly say that I HOPE we are getting past that. He seems to be understanding alot more and responding to discipline, even though his speech is still a bit delayed.

I hope, I hope the frustrated screaming is being left behind us. Please Jesus.

So our summer looks bright...trips the long abandoned library, swim lessons, museum and zoo, the lake, SWAP, vacation bible school and most importantly a family reunion at the Outer Banks.

I can even take both kids to a restaurant by myself nowadays with no sweat, or in this case the museum food court. That's not to say we didn't do restaurants was just alot more hurried and frenzied (or drive thru).

Can we agree that Charley's shirt is a little poetic given his hotdog lunch? We saw a girl who appeared to be about 14 wearing the same shirt, quite possible also from the boy's section at Children's Place.

Enjoy the rest of the highlight reel......

Speaking of aging and growing, this is a dress that Tessa wore last summer, size 3T. Nowadays it's way too short, but I was very happy to find some cheapo 'biker shorts' at Target to make last year's dresses last. Yay for sensibly dressing girls!

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