Sunday, June 05, 2011

Gleeked Out

Thursday night, my friend Allison and I left our babies at home and went to see Glee Live in concert! Well actually, I didn't leave them at home. Tessa had the dress rehearsal for her big dance recital, so Jeremy go to play stage-Dad.I thought he might be pretty miserable as stage-Dad, but he seems to have enjoyed himself and all went well.

We stumbled on a little wine tasting bar and bistro right near the concert and ate dinner there. Then we headed over to Conseco Fieldhouse (where the Pacer's play). I've never been there..holy big arena!

And steep! We were on the second level which ended up being great seats but wow, what an incline. The people climbing over their seats and running up and down the stairs were giving me mini-heart attacks every time.
Allison and I, along with several thousand teenagers and their parents settled in for a great show. Okay there were lots of old folks like us, and lots even older. It definitely was a family friendly show though, lots of kids. Surrounded by my fellow Gleeks, I fit right in.

Don't Stop Believin', the opening number of course.

We could see them pretty well but also had a great view of the jumbo-tron from our seats.
Born this way- wearing their tshirts from the show. They were for sale in the lobby too. I thought I should get one that said 'can't sing' and wear it to worship band rehearsal.

The Warblers were there too! Actually with all the teenage girls in the audience, it was a screamfest when the Warblers came out. I thought I might have punctured an eardrum. Imagine that old footage of girls fainting over the Beatles, only now they are holding iPhones.

They recreated the Glee classroom onstage and a couple of times Mr. Shue or Sue Sylvester addressed the students or audience over the jumbotron. They basically did all the big songs you would expect, and then some of the duets and sweet ballads from the show. They addressed each other as their character names as if they were actually the New Directions on tour.

It was a great show and since we had scored such an awesome parking spot, we were home nice and early before 11....which was good cause it was my bedtime!

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phasejumper said...

That is so awesome! I would have loved to be there!!