Monday, January 17, 2011

Touring the Dollhouse- a finished bedroom!

Yesterday I showed you the dollhouse we are continuing to refurbish, and all the awesome furniture the G's snagged for us. Well the only thing our box of second hand furniture was missing was a bed.

So this morning we headed off to Hobby Lobby. Tessa had MLK day off of preschool so we instead opted for a project and outting. With the goal of finding a bed, I also found way too many things that were inticing....dollhouse carpet, fake tiny plants and all sort of other things including lighting and wiring systems for dollhouses. I didn't know there was such a thing! (but I'm pretty sure my husband with the electrical engineering degree can handle it).
But today we just got the bed, some paint and a piece of white carpet. Oh and a tiny cake for the kitchen table. How could I resist that for only $1.99?

My assignment for today was clear, finish a bedroom! If only finishing a real bedroom could be done in two hours. If so, I would probably redecorate my house once a week.

I set Tessa up to make some art pieces for our walls, but she had a different idea I'll show you later on.
The bed came with a matching dresser and nightstand. I thought the plain wood was a little boring so we spiced it up with hot pink. Why the aluminum foil? We are out of wax paper and I needed a non stick surface.

I'll admit I did alot while the kids were napping, including painting the walls cotton candy pink and laying down the carpet (with double sided tape). No offense to the little helpers, but they aren't always so helpful.

Ta-da! Pink and more pink! This house is inhabited by the Disney princess family after all.

So I had a tiny frame and wanted Tessa to paint me some art for it. She instead got attached to the fake picture of a Mommy and baby that was already in it. I was going to leave it but the fact that the picture said '2x2 decorative frame' on it kinda bugged me so I printed her a better one. Me and baby Charley!

She was super excited about the picture did that? how did you DO that? Magic kid, magic. And a printer.

The princesses enjoying their new bedroom.

The rest of the rooms are still pretty bare but we'll probably put them on hold for a while, to see how long we can stretch this project out for. Plus tiny ammenities aren't exactly cheap.

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It turned out great!