Saturday, January 01, 2011

Christmas Cheesemaking mean when your family made a list of fun activities to do over Christmas break, cheesemaking wasn't at the top? I guess that's the difference between us and most people.

Jeremy had picked up the cheesemaking kit as a family present, but he mostly did it himself. Eventhough I often tell folks that it is impossible to gross me out (really, try me), there is one things that gives me the heebies, and that's curdled milk like this...
Bleck. I can hardly look at that picture. Bleck Bleck.

BUT, one you've cooked the milk, added a bunch of other stuff and then stretch it and form God it's mozarella cheese! It only took about 30 min from start to finish to have a fresh mozerella log, using milk we already had in the fridge.

Then we used our bread machine to make some homemade dough as well and ta-da, pizza night!

Even though parts of it grossed me out, I thought it was a really cool thing. And now that we have the kit we can do it whenever. I asked Jeremy if he really thought it was worth the work and he said maybe in the summer when we have fresh tomatoes and basil to enjoy with it.


phasejumper said...

That is really neat!

Abbie said...

That is FABULOUS Laura! And that pizza looks Delicious! But of course, I did forget to add cheesemaking to our winter break to-do list. ;-) But there is always next year!