Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cookies in My Jar #9- an M&M surplus

The theme of today was all about using what I already had to cook with. We had leftover turkey from Christmas so we had turkey quesadillas, turkey and dumplings and I made a huge pot of turkey noodle soup to freeze.

I had planned on making carrot cookies this week, you know to cleanse our systems from all the holiday eating (or maybe NO cookies would have been more appropriate)...but didn't have the pineapple it called for.

What I DID have on hand was M&Ms. When we made our candy trees, I had asked Jeremy to pick up one pack of M&Ms while he was at the store. You know, at the checkout. Jeremy, being the perpetual over-doer that he is, instead heard 'pick up one giant king size mega bag of M&Ms from the baking section...like the size of your head.'

So I had surplus. Instead of just munching on straight candy until it is gone, I decided instead to make M&M cookies!

I don't have any pictures because Jeremy had taken Tessa and my camera off to the movie theatre to capture pictures like this...

But you can imagine that they looked sorta like this...

Yummy and simple. Here is the recipe that I used.