Thursday, December 23, 2010

Instead of Cookies this Week- Trees!

We did a fun little edible art project yesterday and it was super easy. We made candy trees!

The kids of course ate as much as they decorated, but that's kind of the way it goes right?

Charley just sucked on a sprinkle container like it was a sippy cup.

Start with a sugar (ice cream) cone and turn some frosting green. Yes I used canned frosting, so sue me.

Ta-da! A tree!

M&Ms make great ornaments, and shiny sprinkles for lights

I made three little forest scenes by just melting some marshmellows on a paper plate for like 20 seconds. Just when you think they are about to explode, adhere your trees and they will stay put until you're ready to pry one off and eat it!


Eva said...

What a cute idea!! No kids yet for me to do this project with- but I'm thinking about doing it myself!

phasejumper said...

We're doing this next week (but calling them New Year's party hats)! Love the marshmallows on the paper plate setting-genius!