Monday, December 13, 2010

Girl's Weekend

This weekend I had my annual shopping trip with my childhood friends Melissa and Erin. We do this every year (like here and here) but got smart this year and instead of trying to cram all the fun into one day, asking Jeremy to donate a free Marriott room to our cause.

So we shopped all day on Saturday, went out to eat and then stayed in a room in downtown Indy with a beautiful view of the city. Slept late, woke up and shopped some more! I'm telling you, it pays to have a husband swimming in reward points.

It was a perfect plan and lots and lots of fun!

I didn't take a lot of pictures because frankly, I was off duty

Before we departed Saturday morning, Jeremy made Melissa play one song on Rock band with us. Everyone who walks through the door has to be in our band whether they want to or not.

The girls made fun of me when I suggested this tiny hat with black veil to top off Erin's outfit, then they ate their words when they saw how cute it is!

I'm telling you when three ladies who are mothers to babies and small children ditch them all at home and go out on the town, we get a little cooky.

Mostly we just laughed, joked, ate, drank, spent money, bitched about life, laughed again, talked about bodily functions, tried each other's chap sticks, ate again, drank lots of coffee, texted home to check on kids, made fun of ridiculous looking people in the mall, laughed some more, drank a little wine and passed out cause we were so exhausted. Good times.


phasejumper said...

Sounds like a blast!

erin said...

hahaha! that was a perfect summation! and lets not forget our educational moments on pharmacology! haha! it was so much fun! I love you girls!! Erin