Monday, December 14, 2009

Fun Saturday

We had a nice weekend doing some Christmas-y type stuff. Saturday Erin and Melissa and I went on our annual Christmas shopping trip...which is always less shopping and more gabbing, laughing, and having a 2 hour lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

Anyway, Jeremy had Tessa all morning while Charley went shopping with us. He took her to Arni's for their breakfast with Santa. Why stand in line at the mall when for $20 you get breakfast, Santa time, a picture and some candy?

She was SO excited. We practiced for days telling Santa what she wanted. She said she wants Snow White which is awesome cause I got her a Snow White doll and the movie!

When it came time however, she did exactly as I predicted...stuck her hands in her mouth and wouldn't talk. In her official picture they gave us she's nervously rolling her tongue.

Jeremy reports that after some coxing she whispered her wishes to him.
And of course nothing gets the kid to perk up like some M&M's.

Later we dropped Charley off with Jeremy so the ladies and I could have a child-free lunch and afternoon. I'm still daydreaming about those avocado egg rolls.
Between us we have 6.5 kids, so without them we tend to get a little goofy. Like our group picture in the mirror? I call it artistic :)


TLS said...

Looks like a great time!!!!

The Patterson Family said...


erin said...

Good Times! I want a print of that picture of Tessa! BTW,... I went shopping today to finish up and it was still busy, but not quite as bad. I could at least breath and swish my belly freely.