Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Than Just a Few Christmas Pics

I asked my husband, in all of his video editing wisdom, to create a slideshow of our Christmas pics. You may remember these in years past like this one, or this one (which has very lamely had the sound removed by youtube because we did not have copywright to the Christmas music....which is why we no longer frequent their site).

Anyway, back to my awesome husband and he tendency to get carried away, something that he is especially well known for. He not only put together our Christmas video, but a slideshow of the best of '09. Make sure your sound is on, and click the little cloverleaf like icon if you'd like to watch it full screen.

Christmas and 09 Recap from Laura Sargent Bennington on Vimeo.


TLS said...

Love it!!

erin said...

My fave video yet. I even cried a little....of course that may be my hormones :)

Love, Aunty Erin

Stephany said...

What a great video of all the grandkids together. I love your dad's Ho Ho HO! Made me smile!
I love tessa's doll house!!! and fresh snow, what could be better??
Hope you guys have a wonderful new year! Hope to see you all in 2010 if we make it out to Indy!