Thursday, December 03, 2009

First Christmas Craft

Here he is in all his glory, Snowman on a Stick

Made with construction paper, cotton balls, markers and a skewer. Ta-da!

In case you're wondering, yes I did like 80% of the work but that doesn't mean Tessa doesn't enjoy herself. She pulled apart the cotton, spread the glue and painted the hat and addition to bossing me around about how to do it.

Charley and I went to Target this morning and got some more art stuff to make more Christmas things with. Tessa's in preschool this morning and can I just express how EASY it is to go shopping with just one kid? Do I really have to go pick her up at 2?


Cindy said...

Laura! Yes, you have to pick your daughter up at the stated time! LOL!

phasejumper said...

cute craft! Oh, to go shopping without buckling and unbuckling car seats, carrying pumpkin seats etc.....