Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Slideshow

Well here it is, our compilation of Christmas pictures set to music (turn on your speakers!) Actually we had put it to some of the Charlie Brown Christmas music but youtube blocked it due to copyright infringement. That's a new one.

As you can see we ended up having a nice little Christmas Day here at home even though Tessa was sick. She's doing much better now, but instead of making it to Andy's for the annual fried chicken feast, we just stayed home and laid low.

Tessa's fave new toy at the moment in the grocery cart and that Andy and Becky got her. She's got all of her other new stuff stuffed inside it and is pushing it all over the house. She got lots of great stuff, and we've already boxed up some older toys to make room. We'll pull them back out in a few months and they'll be like new again! I've also been rounding up all the infant toys for Peanut, which were all over the house. Nesting time!

Anyway, here's the video:

And just for fun we dug up last year's video and watched it. What a difference! I noticed two things..yes Tessa is alot bigger and different, but I also have about 12 more chins this year! Ugh, I'm feeling really swollen right now, like a human water balloon. It would be nice to look 'normal' again!


phasejumper said...

Loved the video...Who got you the Fiber one bars? Those magnets were awesome! Your hubby is so sweet with Tessa and I love that you guys were singing together! It seems like you had an AWESOME Christmas!

Stephany said...

OMG that video was so fun, I adore the manger scene with you guys breaking out in to song I loved it! And I'm jealous of your stocking full of fiber 1 bars! those are the best, the raspberry ones are really good if you can find those.

What anice little christmas you guys had!

And you don't have 12 more chins, you look wonderful and pregnant and happy!