Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Iced In- give me some creative play ideas!!

We've been in alot lately for one reason or another...illness, weather, etc. Well today we are actually iced into the house. I just tried to take a stack of Christmas letters to the mailbox and didn't make it. Our step and driveway are a solid sheet.

Help me beat the cabin fever with some ideas. We have our normal watercolors and crayons that we always do. And actually I have some play doh that Tessa's never tried (I'm afraid she'll eat it).

We have all the standard kitchen stuff too...any homeade toys or games that would be new and different? I know I've heard of having toddlers play with dried beans (which we have) but I'm afraid the dogs would try to eat them.

I know some of you are!

ps- I threw up my morning banana today. I think my body was just reminding me I'm pregnant in case I forgot.


phasejumper said...

Wow, you were up early.... Does she like stickers? gluing? do you have any pudding? you can add ood coloring to it and lt her paint with it...Does she have any fave cartoon- There are cute little computer games online at place like Does she like to dress up? Maybe you can take this opportunity to go through her clothes and let her dress up herself or her doll? or if you have old jewelry.. What about making puppets out of brown paper bags and putting on a puppet show? Do you have any balloons you can blow up for her and play "volleyball" with? Hope any of this helps...I know how old she is, but each kid is so different with skills, likes and dislikes... Do you have any old toys that you have kept back or haven't played with in a while? I rotate our toys occasionally and each time it's like they've never seen them before and they have a blast. Brittani

Stephany said...

My nephews loved the beans - we had them in a big rubermaid box and little contaienrs for them to pour between.

make your own playdough then if she eats it it doesn't matter.

make cookies or something fun with her - let her stir, decorate, etc.

christmas cards for her friends out of paper and crayons?

instead of a bath give her swim time in the bathtub - put her suit on her, warm water, put some fun summer music on, and let her play in the tub for a while - no hair washing and such - just fun - lots of containers to play with, toys, etc.

make tiaras or crowns out of construction paper and decorate them with fun sparkly things.

cut up a potato into different shapes and sponges and get some paint and let her stamp things - brown grocery bags for christmas gifts for people?

have star cookie cutters? use it to trace on paper and decorate the stars as little people.