Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Doula Meeting

Well our Doula, Paula, was here for about 2.5 hrs yesterday. Yes it's time to start thinking about labor and all that. I have to say she is really great and we both just love her. I'm really happy that she's going to be with us through the natural childbirth process.

Yesterday she brought over her bag of tricks and we practiced some techniques that she and Jeremy will use during labor...massage, stretching, pressure points. We also reviewed the birth plan that I am to submit to my doctor. It looks almost exactly like the birth plan we made for Tessa but this time we plan to stick to it! (no meds or epidural, etc).

Tessa was here during our meeting and was actually pretty cute helping Jeremy rub my back and playing with the model baby dolls in Paula's bag. Part of her service is that she documents our whole 'birth story' from start to finish, so she was taking pics of Tessa massaging my back!

We're both feeling very positive now after visiting with her. Not only does she support me, but she'll take a lot of pressure off of Jeremy as well so he can enjoy the experience alot more. She's coming back in 2 wks to review breathing techniques and stuff with us and then of course we'll see her at 'go' time.

I found a really great article on the reasons to hire a doula, cause I know not everyone understands her role:

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