Monday, December 29, 2008

Cute Lil Laundry

Aw look at all those receiving blankets and burp cloths!

Well Tessa is officially moved out of the nursery and into her log cabin room, as I've been cleaning out her closet in the past day. She still naps and changes diapers in there though. After moving her stuff I washed up the few things we have for Peanut. We have 5 unisex sleepers including the one below which will be his/her hospital outfit. So either way Jeremy has a post-delivery job. If it's a boy, he and Tessa are to go to Target and buy some clothes. If it's a girl, he's to get the tub of newborn girl clothes out of munchkin-land. Gotta make the man feel important, ya know?

I must be feeling nesty cause I also updated my email contact list to send the 'big announcement' from the hospital, and made a little list of things we need at the store....a pack newborn sposie dipes, little socks and more baby hangers. Next up, Jeremy and I are going to stock the freezer with some food. I also hear plans are underway with our church scheduling meal deliveries, what a HUGE blessing that was last time!

In other news, I swear that Tessa just said 'food, I want food' while slamming herself against the pantry door. Jeremy heard it too!

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The Patterson Family said...

How cute, on both fronts. Tessa is adorable and we can't wait to meet the newest Bennington!

Love ya all!