Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The sneak attack sleep plan was a good idea. I moved her into her big bed at about 8:30, once she had been asleep for well over an hour. She didn't even notice.

I was afraid she was going to get up during the night and realize she was in a strange place, but she didn't wake until 6:15! Good thing too, Mommy was tired. I know I have to get used the idea of waking in the night again, but I'm not ready just yet.

Granted 6:15 is about an hour too early, she did attempt to go back to sleep twice and we didn't actually get up until like 6:40. The first time I heard her on the monitor saying 'babeeeeee!', so I put her baby in bed with her and she went back to sleep. Then of course I heard 'Momeeeee!'. Yes she finally calls me by name, that started about 2 wks ago.

The cool thing is she never tried to escape her bed!

We're going to do it again tonight!


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Anonymous said...

Yahoo!!! That's awesome! She's becoming such a big girl :) Erin B.

BrookZ said...

yeah for you! good idea on the sneakiness! i don't know if abbey will be quite ready for a toddler bed when we move her to the new room so i think we are just going to get a convertible crib. i am also not ready to have sleepless nights again, we better get prepared it will be here before we know it! i go for my sugar test today- good thing i am about to finish the 4th book of twilight!