Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Big Girl Bed Attempt #1 failed

Well we tried naptime in the big girl bed today and failed. Mommy gave up after about 25 min of crying and kicking. I'm pretty sure the big mistake was leaving her rocky horse in the room where she could see it. She was pretty snoozy and I actually closed the door and left but then she started screaming 'horsey horsey!!". I removed it from the room and that just made things worse.

So we'll try again tomorrow sans rocky horse. She's really into caring for her baby dolls so I thought we might practice putting one to sleep in that bed. Any other great ideas?

It should be noted that Tessa is normally an easy and routine 2 hr napper. For her to throw a fit at naptime is not normal so this is new territory for me. After our 25 min tantrum I took her to her crib where she let out a deep sigh and closed her eyes. She's pretty happy in her current bedroom. Hmmm...


Mamaw Creech said...

Sounds to me like she has already claimed her room. Has the idea crossed your mind about putting the nursery in the other room? Maybe move the "big girl bed" in to her present room, let her get use to it being there, and little by little move her into it - and then move the crib into the other room?

My two kids still claim their rooms at home, and they have been gone for 35 + years.


Melissa said...

Have no ideas for you...Grace (at 2 1/2) still screams til she throws up unless I stay on the same rocking routine that she had when she was a newborn. Nicolas was easy. Maybe it's just a "girl thing" ?

I like the idea that your mamaw has though!