Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

We are done decorating for Christmas and the house feels all nice and Merry. Note our little green stocking. We had it for Tessa two Christmases ago! (when she was in utero)

Tessa's doing okay with the big tree. She really wants to mess with the ornaments but is starting to get the idea that she's not allowed to. She has her tiny tree with wooden ornaments she can play with, but she seems sort of indifferent to it.

What she really loves this year is her Little People nativity. We spent all day yesterday trying to locate baby Jesus who was at the bottom of the toy box. She really loves the animals the most. We also bought this two Christmases ago and it's finally getting some play!

I don't really remember the manger scene looking like this....

After naptime today we spent a good 30 min in her new room playing with some toys and rocking on the horse. I also put her new baby in there and she helped me put her to sleep many times and I made her leave her in there cause 'that's where baby lives' We'll see!...

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phasejumper said...

I love the picture with the pirate in it...too funny! I didn't get a palm tree in my Little People nativity...what a rip off!