Thursday, December 11, 2008

Success Again!

Well mostly. We did the sneaky bed plan again last night and she slept in there all night until 5:30 at which point she was awake and crying 'sooozzzyyy' (snoozy, our word for sleep). So she finished the morning off in her crib cause I wasn't ready to get up just yet. Thursdays are her 'late night' since we have small group so in the interest of sleeping in later than 5:30, I think we'll go for a full night in the crib tonight. Baby steps right?

Tessa's been watching alot more TV lately, a sure sign that Mommy is slowing down. The only shows I record for her are Sesame Street and Jack's Big Music Show but I've also been getting all those Christmas movies they are showing on ABC. Here her and Daddy are watching Charlie Brown Christmas. Yesterday we watched 'Olive the Other Reindeer'. Holy crap that movie is cute, I highly recommend for grownups too. I love that Olive's best friend is named Martini.

I got an outfit set for her new baby that came with a paci and surprisingly Tessa knew just what to do with it (even though she gave up pacis at 8 months old). She walked around like this all day yesterday..sheesh!

The clothing set also came with tiny diapers to change. They are real diapers with tape tabs so of course once the tabs wear out you can buy more doll diapers at Target. Seriously...I'm going to buy sposie diapers for a doll? Yeah right. My friend Marcie is going to help me make tiny cloth ones to fit the doll so Tessa can change it. More accurate anyway right?

We went to our normal library time this morning and Santa was there handing out candy canes. Tessa was pretty freaked out. She clutched so tightly to my leg I couldn't walk. When he offered her a candy cane she held out her hand but wouldn't get any closer. And that was it for our run in with Santa this year, haha.

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phasejumper said...

Thanks for the comment on Facebook. (I got the ticker info from your blog!) My parents read the emails that are sent from my blog every time I post, but they don't visit the actual site, so I should be o.k. (I'm not very good at waiting!) Brittani