Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Fun Weekend

Saturday we babysat our nephews Mark and Bob all day and overnight. We were supposed to have baby David too the poor guy was sick. Becky was going through her Master's graduation ceremony- congratulations!

In the afternoon we made Christmas cookies which was alot of fun and definitely time consuming. I convinced Jer to use tubed dough and frosting in a can, much to his dismay...but I think it was a good call given our varied skill levels.

We made cookies while Tessa napped and frosted when she woke up. She liked 'frosting her cookie' (aka eating frosting) for about 5 min and then was over it.

Our beautiful creations! As you can guess the giant hand, 'pig and cattle farmers' and such were Jeremy's. Mark made a pretty cool snow monster and I helped Bob make the giant m&m snowman on the left. Did you know frosting comes in a aerosol can? Fun stuff!

We got baths before dinner cause everyone was sticky. The boys loved the big tub and jets. Tessa stayed in with them for a little bit but we didn't get a good pic with all three. Surprisingly she wasn't at all interested in their unique anatomy.

The boys were pretty excited to sleep in Tessa's 'log cabin room'

Sunday Jeremy got to join Andy and Mark on one of their railing trips. One of those yellow rail cars belongs to Andy and they rode the rails with Santa Claus, making stops along the way. Jeremy had a really good time, while Tessa and I opted to stay home and be lazy.


phasejumper said...

Wait, your brother, owns a train??

LauraB said...

haha...not a whole train just a rail car. They all hook together and make a train of sorts. They ride the rails when real trains aren't on them. It's a hobby.