Sunday, December 07, 2008

What a Weekend!

We had a fun weekend around here and man am I tired! Yesterday Mom and I went to see Twilight in the afternoon. Yes I admit to being one of those crazy Twilight fanatics but I will say I think the movie was not nearly as good as the books. The movie came across overly cheesy if you ask me.

Last night Blythe came over to babysit Tessa and we took my parents to go see the Lion King (on stage). It was so amazing. I've seen alot of plays and I think this was really the most impressive as far as visual affects and stunning costumes. So good!

Then this morning a couple of my old highschool friends and I met for our annual Christmas shopping trip. Eventhough I was only shopping for presents for Jeremy and Tessa's stockings, I ended up going overboard. I haven't bought Tessa any toys since her bday in April so I got a little overly excited in Toys R many cool things she would like! Her stocking is going to be stuffed I think.

We had such a good time shopping....I think each of us laughed until we peed at least once. That's what I call retail therapy. Jeremy manned up and babyset Tessa eventhough he was sick. What a guy.

Tessa is now into loading all the manger people into the bus and driving them around the house. She's like baby Jesus's personal tour guide.

Showing off her favorite body part, her tummy. If you're not careful she'll lift up your shirt and check yours out too.

some cool old ladies

For anyone banking the sex of the baby based on my belly's my 32 wk profile

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phasejumper said...

Wow-I haven't seen Erin in FOREVER! Where did you guys shop at? Did you see my post after I watched Twilight (with the "attack pose")?