Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year Brunch!

Who said you have to stay up until midnight to have fun? We decided to party today instead with a big brunch. We had a couple dozen friends and family to pig out and watch the Rose parade. It was a great time, lots of kids.

At some point our 'legendary' grown up parties with wine and fancy food became kid friendly brunches with toy covered floors (although there was still wine!). Hey, roll with the changes right?

The #1 rule of having people over, they will never leave our house hungry! (and usually leave with a doggy bag)

I was trying to minimize my chins but I instead you get a picture up my nose. Oh well, another bad pic of me and Erin. I doubt a good one actually exists.

Tessa and some of her good friends watching the parade.

Rachel eating cake on the floor

The dogs helped clean up

It's too bad this pic turned out blurry....rubbing each other's tummies.

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