Friday, January 16, 2009

Things to do when it's -10 outside...

...and your Mommy is a beached whale

Stare at the white stuff we finally have on the ground and discuss with Rosie why you are not allowed to go outside and play, even though she gets to go out and pee in it. Who ever heard of 'frostbite' anyway?

Help Mommy bake cookies that she declares no one here needs to be eating

Help Mommy clean for the 1000th time, as if this place could get any cleaner.

Have Mommy paint your toenails glittery pink, even though she can't do her own and is hoping Daddy will do it for her later

And for Mommies...create a labor playlist for your Ipod, make babysitting cheat sheet for Mom's stay at our house, clean up your photo files and clean and organize diapers!

I pulled out all of the small Fuzzibunz and stripped them for Peanut, plus we got a few new ones for Tessa. Unfortunately after about 13 months of daily usage, some of her Bumgenius need to be retired due to shot elastic and velcro. When people ask what brand we prefer, that's why I usually say Fuzzibunz. The cool thing about the Bumgenius is that they are 'one size fits 5-35lb' because of the velcro adjustments...BUT we figured out it you use them daily for that long, washing them on super hot every other day, they will eventually die and the shot elastic on the leg holes will cause repeated frustrating poop explosions.

So the Fuzzibunz come in sizes so you have to buy more, but they are more durable and have snaps instead of velcro. Tessa is in the mediums with tons of room to grow, so hopefully they will last us through potty training without having to buy large.

I'm wondering if there's anywhere we can send the Bumgenius to be refurbished with new elastic and velcro, then wonder if it's really worth it at this point. We'll see. Even though we've had to buy some new ones we're still saving major $$ on diaper cost, not to mention the earth (one diaper at a time!)

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