Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feeling Like Crap

Oh man I'm tired today. I remember at the end of my last pregnancy being tired alot but it seems alot worse this time around. There are some days that I could sleep all day if I let myself, then others I am fine. Perhaps this is part of being pregnant and having a toddler too?

I really thought I couldn't get any puffier but I feel even more swollen today. As always I'm trying to pinpoint where I had too much salt to eat and can only think of the chips and salsa I had for lunch yesterday with Mom.

But I know that along with swelling comes the concern for high blood pressure, something I've never had trouble with before. I'm hoping one of my faithful readers will be able to tell me...does high blood pressure make you super sleepy?

No doctor until Thurs, I guess we'll find out then!

* just wanted to come back and update to say I'm feeling better than earlier today when I wrote this. We will be at the community center tomorrow for aerobics and I can test my bp there. If it is high, don't worry I won't do aerobics!*

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Carrie said...

High blood presure doesn't make you sleepy.... i had it the whole time I was pregnant with Zack. It's most definitely that you are a Mommy already and pregnant. I can say that for sure.

And I would do the aerobics even if you BP is high... exercise is supposed to help. just don't over do it.