Monday, January 19, 2009

Trial Run

So here's the scoop of what happened today. I went to the community center for aerobics and took my bp on their cuff when I first got there and it was 137/100 which I know is pretty high. I felt fine though so I stuck around class and walked laps while my classmates aerobicized. After class it was even a little higher so I call the doctors.

I really expected they would want me to come to the office but much to my surprise they said to not pass go and go on the hospital! We had just put Tessa down for naps so we woke her up and dropped her at our friend's house. I took my bag and her bag for Erin's just in case.

Well of course once we got there my bp was totally normal. They hooked me up to one of those cuffs that takes your bp like every 5 minutes and I was on it for probably 2 hours. The whole time it was about 110/70. When I laid on my side and dozed a even got as low as 93/60!

I was totally expecting the worst so I was surprised that everything is fine. They also tested my pee for protein, which was clear, so we were dismissed about 3 hrs after we got there. No bedrest or restrictions.

Who knows if it was a fluke or maybe even the cuff at the community is not trustworthy, but going by the readings they have, doc says all is perfectly fine!

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers today. I feel like I cried wolf, but let's just call it a 'trial run'. Had we really been anticipating a stay there we forgot one important thing...the camera.

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phasejumper said...

Better safe than sorry...Will was induced because of my high blood pressure at the time.