Friday, January 02, 2009

35 wk check up

Well from now on I'll be spending alot of time at the doc's....once per week until go time. But for those who have predicted 'go time' will be soon, I'm sorry to say the doc disagrees.

I had my first internal check today (oh boy) and not only is the shop door closed, the doctor's exact words were that the baby was 'way up in Canada....I take that back, the North Pole.' haha. So Jeremy is cleared to go on one last business trip next week, then he is grounded.

Most distressing was that I've gained 11 POUNDS in the past TWO weeks. Seriously. Now I know there's been alot of Christmas eating but I'm blaming at least half of that on water weight. My hands, feet and face have been noticeably huge. So I need to watch the salt intake and elevate feet when I can. We're also going to get back to mall walking this week. I asked the doc if I should ever stop going to stroller aerobics once a week and she said 'when you deliver'. That's good cause we like stroller aerobics and our friends there, I'm just really slow.

It really sucks to have gained this much though. I'm going to have a hard way to go when this baby is delivered, ugh. We are doing a preimptive strike though by starting the weight watchers core program now. It'll be okay for me cause it really focuses on watching carbs and portion control so I'll still be able to eat as much as I need to for baby.

Lastly, per the suggestion of our doula, we are going to check out Community South Hospital tomorrow. The only difference between this hospital and the one we used before is that they have a tub available in every not for water birth, but to use during labor to ease contractions. I asked the docs this morning if they care which hospital we use and they said no. So we're going to go take a tour!

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