Sunday, January 11, 2009

Comfort Food?

Jeremy went with me to the grocery store today. I normally go on my own of course but decided for the next couple weeks I could use a helper with loading and toddler wrangling.

Anyway I mentioned to him that since we should soon be packing our hospital bags we should get some snacks to take. I chose peanut butter crackers. And Jeremy... Mr. Organic, non-processed, European chocolate only, locally raised beef man who gives me a hard time for every product I bring home containing high fructose corn syrup chose the following:

I think it's cute. What can I say...sometimes you just need to have some junk food on hand.


BrookZ said...

mmm i like both, good choices! i have not had iced animal cookies in years, i bet tessa likes them too!

Stephany said...

Oh my gosh Jer, I haven't seen Tater Skins in YEARS!!! WOW! Good choices!