Monday, December 13, 2010

Cookies in My Jar #8- a Holiday Treat

Jeremy bought these Andes candy chips at the store this weekend and requested mint chocolate chippers. Notice how he's kind of taken over the direction of this project? Well hey, if it makes him happy and he gets to 'show me off' by taking his cookies to business meetings.....then I guess that's alright. I mean he doesn't exactly have a trophy wife....but a trophy housewife perhaps?

The recipe for this is on the back of the bag. It's very simple, basically chocolate chippers using these kinds of chips.

Another lesson learned. I doubled the batch and then tried to use the hand mixer to do it all in one giant bowl. That just didn't work for my beaters, and then when I divided the batter into two bowls I'm pretty sure that key ingredients like baking soda weren't evenly distributed.

Thus, some of them are flatter and chewier than others. But otherwise good.
Some went to the business meeting, some went to preschool with Tessa this morning and some stayed right here in our jar.

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