Friday, December 10, 2010

Cookies for Fireman

Our friend Ronda and her kids (who are blog regulars) live right near the fire station and have a yearly tradition of taking cookies to the fireman.

We made some really awesome cookies but the pictures somehow got deleted from the camera by my amateur photographers. Note to self-- remind them that it is okay to take pics but NOT to delete them.

Anyway, imagine a big bunch of adorable decorated sugar cookies that look like they've been rolled through every ingredient in the candy aisle.

Charley got to wear reindeer antlers. Tessa wore her Easter hat which is now known as her 'adventure hat'...I guess she thinks it looks like she's going on safari. Makes sense to me.
When you give firemen cookies, they will let you sit in their fire trucks!

Charley the fireman, stunned by the whole event.
Later after dinner we went down the road and checked out a drive by live nativity. Tessa was pretty impressed and afterward she told me that the (real) sheep were scared of our car and Mary looked cold. Very astute observations.

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