Monday, December 20, 2010

Special Delivery from CA

that's Stephanie with baby Tessa on a CA beach back in 2007....ah memories.

Ever since we moved here from CA, 5 (almost 6!) years ago, my friend Stephanie still mails me chex mix every Christmas. Stephanie and I used to work together at the San Jose Repertory Theatre and she would bring in the stuff by the bucket full at Christmastime. When we moved away, she mailed it to me!

Honestly I haven't even talked to Stephanie in a long time so it was a super suprise to see it in today's mail. It's Christmas, my chex mix is here! Big thanks to Steph (even though I know she's not particularly internet inclined and may not see this).

Okay I've figured out the secret recipe.....assorted cereals, sugar, butter, pretzels, more butter and crack.

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