Friday, December 03, 2010

Baby Face

Look who came to visit us today. Baby Aviana! Erin needed a sitter and I was happy to get some baby hugs. She's such a sweety.

Bottles are a mystery to me. I handed it to her and she kinda chewed on it, so we moved to the rocking chair where she was much more comfy. Then she wanted to keep sucking once it was gone, which I assumed was a bad idea cause of the air intake. That doesn't really happen with just hurts after a while.

Tessa and Charley were napping but she was wide awake which was kinda fun. Someone to sit and cuddle with who wouldn't whine, strip or shout 'no way!' at me....I'm referring to my 'baby' boy in case you were wondering.

"Hey future wife, can we got out in like....14 years?"
All week I had promised Tessa a trip to the Children's Museum to see the Christmas stuff and go down the "yule slide", so we decided to take Avi along for the trip! In case you're wondering, yes I am responsible for her tiny pigtails.

Look at my big girl, tall enough to ride the Yule Slide on her own.

Erin met us there later which was nice too. She's a busy lady, studying to be a nurse and all. We miss her!

Later the kids and I met Jeremy for dinner at the Greek Restaurant. No pictures of that because Charley stole the camera but the kids mowed on olives, pita and lamb. Tessa ate 7, yes SEVEN pieces of buttered bread.