Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tables of Christmas

There's a very cool event that happens every year in Greenwood. A bunch of ladies get together, show off their decorated dinner tables, have fellowship, eat and listen to music and a speaker.

I've been before but never been a table hostess until this year. Each table seats 8 and they only rule is no open flame, other than that go nuts! I was trying to figure out what to do that wouldn't set me back a bunch of money, so I rung up the best holiday folk artist I know, Mamaw.

I borrowed a quilt and a bunch of her handmade Santas, and also an antique sled and a few other things from Mom. It turned out great and most people were impressed with two things...that I used a quilt as a table cloth and that my 85 year old grandmother has a website.

Tessa was too young for the event, but she loved helping me setup my table on Sunday afternoon. She thought she was big stuff going to a "Mommys only" thing.

My 'wooden' plates with a Santa whimsy and some of my soap for my table guests to take home.

Allison showing me how to jut my chin out just right to minimize chins.

Look, now it's on my dining room table!

A sea of tables. I'm not sure what the total was, probably around 150.
I got lots of ideas for next year. It seems that the less traditional ideas are the most popular, and they don't have to be Christmas themed either. Here are a few that I really liked.

From some other ladies in my church, a camping themed table. They had all kind of little details not shown in the picture, including a set of camp rules for everyone and a sleeping bag to cozy up in during the speaker portion.

The leg lamp from A Christmas Story

Kid's board games

A Charlie Brown Christmas. Look, it's my Charlie Brown nativity set!


TLS said...

Looks like fun!!

phasejumper said...

How awesome! Your table turned out super cute! I would have loved to see all those tables! Did you have to find people to fill your table?