Thursday, December 23, 2010

A New Tradition- Polar Express Night

We had alot of fun last night and I think I'm going to add this to our annual tradition for Christmas Eve Eve or Eve Eve Eve (that's permissable all the way back to the 21st by the way)

We had Polar Express night with Josh and Rachel. We watched the movie...

I think their favorite thing of all was having a pizza picnic IN THEIR PJS on our living room floor while watching the movie.

After the movie, there was a ticket for everyone (except Charley cause it was his bedtime and he would have been cranky) for the Bennington Express!

I borrowed my conductor hat from Jeremy. Why so high on my head? Because my brain is so freakishly large that a men's size large hat doesn't fit me. True story. (I'm saying choo-choo by the way, not punching someone)

The kids all got stamps on their hands before boarding the 'train' (aka our car). I had to test my stamp on Jeremy. It worked.

Everyone also got a sippy cup filled with homemade hot chocolate. The conductor got a cup of coffee.

And we went in search of the best Christmas lights in town. We found some that were synchronized, lots of inflatables and a whole neighborhood where every property had white Christmas lights on their trees. It was like a beautiful magical forest. We also counted nativities, 19 total.

Our last stop was right near their house, where several properties work together and make a big winter wonderland. There was even a manger scene IN a real barn. It was beautiful and definitely the biggest and best.

Our adventure ended in us dropping Joshua and Rachel at home, and since it was about 1.5 hours past her bedtime, Tessa fell asleep in the car 3 minutes later.


phasejumper said...

I LOVE it! Great tradition! You and your hubby are so fun!

TLS said...

I think this should be an annual event! How fun!