Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More From the Christmas Pageant

No, I'm not so cruel as to just post one picture of Tessa picking her nose at the preschool Christmas pageant and then leave it at that. So here's some more....

All the girls in her class were angels, all the boys wisemen. The rest of the nativity crowd was comprised by the older and younger classes.

Tessa's little group of angels had a line on the microphone and man when it was time Tessa stepped right up and said it loud.

Doing the jingle bells was her favorite part. She's been practicing her jingling for like 2 months now. We'll be driving along listening to Christmas music and she'll say...Mom I need something I can jingle to!

This is the classic preschool pageant pose. They all look looks confused, one looks like he might cry, and the guy in the back has his very own set of hand motions.

Tessa's had an audience too. When he wasn't destroying the info cards in the back of the pews, Charley really enjoyed it. Watch out brother, you'll be up there next year.
Jeremy was all sad because he had to miss the show, but got lucky and was able to watch the dress rehearsal on Monday. Mom and Dad both took *cough cough* sick days and drove up to see the show as well.

I gotta say, I know I'm biased but her school really does put on a good show. They have a good balance of giving every kid a line or part, while not making it too overwhelming or hard. And the songs are super cute. Especially the two year old class shouting about cows in the barn.

After the show Mom and Dad took us to a local pizzaria for lunch. Cheers to a good show, Sis!


phasejumper said...

"sick" days! lol So sweet that your parents are so involved in Tessa's activities!
love the last picture!

BrookZ said...

Love this! It is adorable! Good pics with your Mom too! :)