Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

I have several pics from over the weekend to share. We had a nice relaxing weekend, which helps combat any wintertime blue brought on by the super frigid temperatures.

I updated our weekly schedule last week and declared that Friday afternoons should be set aside for adventures. You know...zoo, museum, Conner Prairie, etc. The kids and I will pack it up and go somewhere fun. The nice part of that plan is that we can meet Jeremy at a restaurant for dinner...also part of our weekly plan to eat in a restaurant Friday nights and Sunday lunch.

I like scheduling and agendas. Really, a little too much. But they help me think. I have a hard time reaching goals if I don't see a printed out timeline for it.

Anyway, adventure Fridays.

This week we went to the Children's Museum. Did you know that ours is the biggest in the country? Did you also know that Grammie and Grampie buy Tessa a family pass every year for her birthday so we can go anytime we want?

Tessa knows her way around. First she wants a map, then she wants to see the dinosaur bones, then she wants to put on a dino costume and visit the dino eggs. This time she exclaimed "My children! My babies! I've missed you!"
See that studly little dino in the distance wearing camouflage and a newsboy cap? He's pretty cute. And he's having a dinosaur birthday party in two weeks.

Checking out a dinosaur leg bone. I forgot to mention that Tessa packed a little backpack with her adventure essentials...a flashlight, magnifying glass, her Christmas binoculars. She was prepared.

Snacking it up museum style, sharing a giant rice krispie treat.

We visited the dollhouse exhibit, briefly ran through Egypt and were able to catch the day's last carousel run.

When you are there at closing time you get to be part of the 'end of the day parade' down the spiral walkway. The kids love it and I think it's a genius way for the staff to get us all out the door.
Hydrating is important when you're marching in a parade.

Saturdays are good for doing projects and hanging out with Dad. The renovation of the dollhouse is an ongoing project , and this place is starting to look snappy! Saturday morning, Tessa and Jeremy painted the side green and shutters white.

There's also finally some furniture inside thanks to another awesome present from the G's. A box of furnishings they found at a second hand store. Awesome! I love the pot belly stove and singer sewing machine.
Belle, modesty please!

You can see that the bathroom where Belle is making her constitutional has some flooring, but the other rooms are still bare in that way. That's the next step, eventually. I foresee a trip to Hobby Lobby in our future.

With all the antique looking furniture, this isn't all that different than the 141 year old house I grew up in. We did have a pot belly stove. We did not have a princess doing the hula in the attic.

Becky and the boys dropped in on us too which was spontaneous and fun. And Becky got to play tea party and dollhouse with Tessa, which doesn't happen very often at her house.

The gang watched Ponyo, ate pizza and we played a few rounds of Rockband.

By the end of the evening, poor Charley had a high fever. He had been feeling a little sickly all day, but spiked to 103 about the time we put him to bed.

He's feeling much much better today but still not well enough for church. Jeremy and I were both singing with the worship band today, so Mom and Dad had come up to help babysit in the morning and also enjoy the church service.

Unfortunately, Mom instead got stuck on sick baby duty. But from what I hear it wasn't so and cuddles.

Dad brought Tessa to church though and got to see us sing. I don't have any photo evidence of that but I'm told it looked exactly like this....
Well maybe not exactly. It was nice to sing together though. We both sing in the band but rarely at the same time due to scheduling and childcare. We had fun.
And that's pretty much our weekend!

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