Monday, January 10, 2011

Sick Day

Poor Tessa is on her second day of a fever, and had to stay home from preschool today. She seems to just have headcold or something. Acting and playing fine, just coughing and feverish. This morning she said her nose hurt and needed a Barbie bandaid. How could I say no to that?

For lunch, both kids got to have OJ and mac and cheese out of a snowman mug while standing at the counter. I think it may be the small fun things your Mom lets you get away with that make a sick day bearable. They got ice cream too.

I make them mac and cheese from a blue box about once a week for lunch, but they would eat it every day for all three meals if I let them. Kraft is like preschooler crack.

Pajamas, movies, lots of OJ and baby tylenol. We'll beat this sick day yet.


Stephany said...

Kraft is also like crack for 31 year olds! :)

Love, Strength, Hope said...

Uggghhhh, we are on day 5 of sick days for Aiden and day two for Declan! I have been in the house since Friday!!
And another commonality, Decky has the same monkey sweatshirt!