Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Cookie Project Recipe 16- Grammie's Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies

When we were visiting Grammie and Grampie in February, Barbara has made some super delicious lemon poppy seed cookies. She says they are a Martha recipe, but I prefer to just call them 'Grammie's lemon cookies'. So good!

I was little intimidated by this recipe because it included zesting and making lemon butter on the stove. Don't forget that this whole cookie project started because of my lack of baking skills. But I thought after several months of cookie making, I was ready.

And it wasn't too bad at all. The finished product- perfection!

If you don't own a zester and have an irrational fear of the cheese grater, you can always go this route. It worked perfectly!

Tessa's lemon face

After you make a lemon butter on the stove, you mix it up with flour and sugar until it's been thoroughly 'creamed'.

After I had made the dough, my helper helped me with the fun part. Rolling the dough balls in a mixture of sugar and lemon zest. Then you flatten them with the bottom of a glass and sprinkle with more poppy seeds.

They look a little burnt but that's actually just the extra sugar, not the actual cookie. Someone got a little heavy handed with her sugar sprinkling. Thankfully Tessa kept me in line :)

They look so pretty in my jar.
I have to say, of all the cookies I've made so far I think these are my favorite. Like I said before I'm not a big chocolate person, and these are nice and light and deliciously lemony. I think rolling them in the lemon zest at the end packs the perfect sour, bitter punch.

While I was feeling especially domestic today, I also made the Pioneer Woman's Dr. Pepper pulled pork.. We've been trying to declare Sundays as 'slow cook a big piece of meat day' this was perfect. I started it before church this morning and let it simmer all day until it fell apart.

I'm not going to lie, I don't love pulled pork. And *gasp* I really don't like bbq at all. (I know, you can disown me now). But this is almost perfect...spicy, a little sweet but not too much and tender and juicy.

Here are the recipes for lemon cookies and Dr. Pepper pulled pork. Enjoy!


phasejumper said...

I don't like BBQ either! (Although I have been known to eat BW3 boneless wings every once in a while!)

Anonymous said...

Can I have this recipe? :)