Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paintin' Some Eggs

Today we made some Easter eggs. I had this kit I bought last year but never used, with tiny paint rollers. It worked really well for Charley, but for some reason he didn't make any pictures, whoops.

The paint was like a gel, and the hard part was keeping the rollers in their separate color trays. Charley was all about the green. He did his six eggs in all green and Tessa went back and added more color to them later.

Beautiful! I figure if we do a good job eating them, we can make another kind next week, like sparkle ones. Remember the cammo ones Aunt Jess helped us make last year? Tessa does!

Enjoying the spoils of her labor. I told her we would have them for breakfast but she was dying to have one for 'dessert'. After she ate her weight in spaghetti at dinner, I actually set a kitchen timer to make her wait for her egg, for fear she would puke.

"Look Mom, I got to the YELLOW part!!"

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phasejumper said...

Cute! Love the little rollers!