Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wine and Canvas- Couples Style

In January, I posted pictures from the Wine and Canvas event I went to with my friend Cindi. I had so much fun, we decided we MUST do it again (and again) and this time we brought our husbands for a double date.

The way all good dates start...with a giant platter of sushi to share.

Cindi says- is it time YET
Greg say- this is going to be fun!
Jeremy says- I'm pretending that my wife dragged me here even
though I'm going to have a really good time

Jeremy's approach was a little more....crude...than what the teacher was instructing. He also kept working ahead of the class and trying to do it himself. Are we surprised?
Jeremy, the teacher said 'knife edge'...not giant glops.
And yet somehow his trees turned out pretty good

53 artists making the same scene. All great and all different.

From L-R...Mine, Jeremy's, Greg's and Cindi's

If you've been to our house you may be in on this inside joke. If not...ask me next time you visit.

The artists with our finished products

An awesome double date. We WILL be doing it again!

Indy locals should check out wine and canvas. It's a great thing to go out and do with friends, and not very expensive.

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phasejumper said...

They look awesome! I want to be in on the secret joke....