Wednesday, March 02, 2011

My Cookie Project Week #15- Blue for a Baby Boy!

Last week my cousin Kelly had a baby boy, Kevin Alexander. He joins the brood of cousins as Mamaw's 8th great-grandchild. We were excited to travel down on Sunday to meet him so I wanted to whip up something blue.

I thought about simply adding blue food coloring to a sugar cookie but my ever-wise husband reminded me that they would actually turn out kinda green. Then I ran across these bad boys in the store...

York peppermint patty piece. Basically like an M&M but minty...and BLUE!
I used a simple M&M cookie recipe and subbed these in.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy them.

And that was my evil plan all along...get everyone busy eating cookies so that I could steal the baby. Mwah-hahaha!

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