Friday, March 18, 2011

Tessa's Feel-good Shirt

About at month ago we were visited Erin and baby Avi, and Tessa had an accident. I'm going to blame the excitement of a new environment. She so rarely has accidents that I never carry extra clothes with me.

Since Erin is tiny she lent Tessa a t-shirt of hers which basically fits Tessa like a dress. (Had she worn one of my shirts, it would be more like a tent city)

She wore it home and we still have it just because we haven't see Erin since then. And now Tessa has adopted it as her special pajama shirt for if she is feeling sick or dumpy. Like today....

For whatever reason our household has been running on very little sleep. Tessa has been waking up alot in the night and Charley's still adjusting to his new bed. And me?...well I've never slept well in my life, why start now?

So after a bad night we decided to cancel our museum plans and call it a pj day. It happens. And Tessa knew exactly what she wanted to wear..."Erin's special comfy shirt".

Don't worry, Erin. Every time Tessa wears it I remind her that we have to take good care of it and return it next time we see you. It's a lesson on borrowing I think. For now just know it is well loved.


phasejumper said...

Awww! That's sweet.
Sorry Tessa isn't feeling so great.

Woods Branch Farm......... said...

Does Tessa have a night-light in her room? If not, you might try one... when Ashley sleeps over, she "needs" a little light in her room - who knows what they imagine is lurking in the shadows?

Mamaw Creech

Jersey Mama said...

Aww that is cute. I remember wearing my dad's t-shirts to sleep in when I was little.