Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Product Endorsement- Crushers

I bought these at Trader Joe' on a whim. I'm always looking for portable mess-free snacks for Tessa's preschool lunch bag.

Little did I know how quickly she would become addicted, and that I would need to go back to TJ's just to buy stock in these apple carrot "crushers". Really I don't mind anything that FORCES me to shop at Trader Joe's....twist my arm already.

They are a little on the pricey side at about $0.50 each, but I saw another brand at Target that were over a dollar. I guess that's what you pay for the fancy squeezable packaging.

Unlike the squeezable yogurts, they require no refrigeration which makes them even extra cool for the lunch box. There's also regular applesauce for the kiddos out there who might not love carrots.

Because of the pricey-ness I cut a deal with Tessa that she could have ONE a day only. Speaking of snack food addictions.....I think it's time that Charley enter a 12 step program for both soft cereal bars and string cheese.

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