Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Belated Anniversary

At this point Jeremy and I don't really buy each other gift. I guess we do for Christmas but that's about it. We prefer to save our frivilous money for fancy restaurants and fun dates. Not to mention things like new carpeting, which I think will be my birthday present for the next 5 years. (and I'm okay with that!)
Anyway, we I saw this in the Uncommon Goods cataologue, I couldn't resist...
A face mug, with room for a cookie! Given Jeremy's almost daily espresso habit, and my recent venture into homemade cookie baking....I couldn't think of a more perfect gift for him. Isn't it cute? See this week's lemon cookie hanging out in there?

It was back-ordered so it came about two weeks late, but that's doesn't matter. Happy Anniversary all the same!

For the record, I love Uncommon Goods. I want like, everything in their catalogue. It's the perfect place to find unique gifts at a reasonable price.