Monday, March 28, 2011

Today Wasn't ALL Bad

It just ended that way.

We had a busy day! This morning I had a quick dentist appointment. Yup, my teeth are all still there, see you in 6 months. Then I took the kids out to brunch at Sophia's and we headed to the museum!

Our main objective today was to finally see the Dora and Diego exhibit which has been there since early February. For one reason or another we kept getting held back...mostly illnesses. Ear infections, sinus infection (mine) and pink eye. Our kids have been so healthy for so long but man this winter our number was up!

Finally all better we headed out....

There's a funny story here. Tessa has started taking her adventure backpack with us to the museum every time. It has the basics, you know...a flashlight, binoculars, magnifying glass and she always picks up a map at the door.

Well, in the Dinosphere it 'storms' every 10 minutes or so and Tessa grabbed her flashlight and headed to this little cave. Without saying anything, like 7 kids followed her in and they all made a little shelter from the storm, huddled around her flashlight. Instinct, I think.

Climbing on all of the ancient ruins.

For some reason as soon as I helped them into the Colosseum, they wanted out. Perhaps they sensed an impeding doom?

After the museum we headed toward my Doctor's office for an OB appointment. What, you've never taken your two small children along with you to the lady doctor? Really you should try it sometime, so much fun.

Anyway, we got there a little early and parked in the parking lot. Both of the kids were asleep I thought, until I heard some retching from the backseat. I turned around in time to see a projectile vomit shoot out of Tessa and land all over her.

Ugh the horror. And the smell. And the car seat.

I called the OB to tell them that I was in fact in their parking lot but had to reschedule. They were so sweet. They you want to bring her inside? Uh, no. She's dripping.

So that was the end of our day. She actually was fine after that but went to bed with a bit of a fever. Good thing we got out before the next illness hit.


Anonymous said...

Tessa didn't look her happy self at the museum.

Stephany said...

And the words projectile vomit are enough to make me NOT have a child!!! but I will forever adore yours!