Friday, March 18, 2011

Preschool Pictures

Look what we got this week... Tessa's school picture, 2010-11

Doesn't she look grown up? The only other time she has ever had a professional picture taken was last year's school and dance recital pictures. It just amazes me how the professional pics make her look so official and grown up. She looks like she's 13 years old!

Can I just say that the reasons we haven't had professional pics done are a) Mom and Jerry both have fancy expensive cameras that are able to capture great shots like this b) They are expensive! c) we also have a photo printer and 4) they are expensive!

But I did splurge on the cheapest thing I could which was a sheet of wallets for $15. So don't worry, grandparents...they'll be making their way to you in the mail very soon!

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phasejumper said...

She looks so grown-up!!

They are super expensive! We've always had the kids' done twice a year around their birthday. At W's school, they do them twice a year!! We buy the smallest package we can and only do the fall ones.