Thursday, June 03, 2010

End of The Dance Year

Tessa's big recital is tomorrow...I can't believe it! She's had a great time in dance class this year (even though she was always super shy in class she talked about it all the time)

I KNOW that I'm more nervous about the recital than her. I don't care what she does once she's on stage, I just want to make sure she's in the right place at the right time. There are literally hundreds of kids in this recital. Stay tuned for video and pictures!

These are Tessa's dance pics that we got the other day. It was her time at a photography studio so she was a little freaked out. Luckily we got a few awesome shots!

The picture above is for her tap dance to "Lollipop", and below is her bluebird costume. The lady dressed as Briar Rose (sleeping beauty's name before she was queen, for those not in the know) is her dance teacher Allison. For most of that song the bluebirds sit and watch Allison dance but they do flap their arms around a little.

The whole class. Tessa is the youngest right behind the other girl sitting on the floor.


Allison said...

Break a leg tomorrow! Olivia is performing Sunday afternoon. Thanks again for introducing us to Tippy Toes, it has been wonderful! Olivia is moving up to the preschool class in the fall - she'll be going on Thursday nights.

Anonymous said...

Sleeping Beauty was born Princess Aurora, but after the whole curse thing, they hid her and then started calling her Briar Rose. She was always a princess.