Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mommy Goes Spontaneous

I will openly admit I'm not a spontaneous person. I like plans and agendas, and to know what to expect of each day. We did have a plan for last weekend, to go to Chicago to visit some friends from my private mommy forum, spend the night in a hotel and spend Sunday hanging as a family in the windy city.

I had packed clothes, snacks and diapers and arranged vet care for the dogs. Then Jeremy started puking, a lot. About 12 hrs before leave time he came down with food poisoning (or so we thought until I got sick yesterday).

The kids and I were all packed up so we decided to go up to the family's lake cottage where Mom and Dad were already vacationing, leaving poor Jeremy behind. We were going to spend the weekend but ended up staying until Tuesday.

The kids had great time, especially Tessa. She cried when we were driving home. We did all those fun lake activities....shopped, swam, played, napped, ate ice cream and soft pretzels and spent good quality time with the old folks.

Mom has all the pics on her camera so stay tuned in a few days, lots of god ones. Yay for spontaneous summer fun!

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