Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thanks to Viewers Like You

When people find out we don't have cable, one question I often get is what about kid's Noggin, Nick? DISNEY CHANNEL?

It could be because our kids are so young, but we haven't missed those channels at all. Not one bit. I'm here to tell you that those cable channels are all bunk compared to 'PBS Kids.' PBS has excellent kids's all super cute and educational and you know the best part? No commercials!

Once in a while Tessa and I watch The Simpsons (yes I know, bad Mommy award) and she is totally perplexed by the commercials. I guess she's just not used to them. She always says 'are they coming back??'

Here are our favorite PBS shows...

Sid the Science Kid, who you may remember was the theme of Tessa's 3rd birthday party. He's a curious preschooler who learns basic science (like how plants grow and why to brush your teeth)by doing experiments with his class.

Super Why is the only show that Charley actually watches. He is otherwise oblivious to TV but when Super Why comes on he puts his hands up and squeals for joy. It's about some tot size super heroes who must solve problems by reading books.

Dinosaur Train is one we watch from time to time. It's very cute. Buddy is a young dino who was born in the wrong nest and using the time traveling abilities of the Dinosaur Train travels to the different periods learning about different species to identify what he is. (I wonder will they run out of plot when he finally finds his origin?)

And well, you all know what this is. Still a classic, still educational, still cute.


phasejumper said...

I'm with you, the other stations don't hold a candle to PBS kids! I mean what do they have? Obnoxiously loud and repetitive bilingual children, disobedient Bunny being raised by his sister, and (shudder) a cleaning product under the sea that is in his underwear half the time! No thank you!

Mandy Leahy said...

I love PBS too... we DVR Sesame Street and a few others. We also watch a lot of Nick Jr (Blue's Clues mostly).

Jacqueline said...

Are you going to PBS Kids Let's Meet in the Park?!!? I used to work for WFYI... it's a great (FREE) event in downtown Indy!!!

Cindy said...

LOL Phasejumper! You must be talking about Max and Ruby when you mention the disobedient bunny! (Max is bad!)
And Laura, there is nothing wrong with the Simpsons. Our son (26 years old) was raised on the Simpsons and has turned into a fine, outstanding young man :-)

Anonymous said...

PBS is great, but don't knock Max. Just because you enjoy one channel there's no reason to tear down the others.