Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Back from Alaska

We had a great time of course and of course I missed the kids who also had a great time with Mom-mom and Pop (pictures of their adventures to follow)

We were gone for 9 days which was actually a little long for Mommy but mostly fun the whole time. Our cruise was 7 days from Seattle through British Columbia and up to Alaska.

It was the same boat that we had our honeymoon on 7 years ago (when it was brand new) and it's still very very nice! They called Jer a couple of days beforehand and asked if he would like to upgrade us to the penthouse.

You all know my husband, of course he did! It was just a little extra money but totally worth it to have our huge balcony, personal butler and free espresso machine. We also got breakfast and lunch (free) in one of the restaurants instead of fighting the crowds at the buffet, another awesome perk.

Lots of pics to share...

We were lucky enough to sneak in a visit with Jeremy's sister and family

a view of Seattle from our balcony

bye Seattle!

British Columbia
Our views from our day at sea. BC was just beautiful. I totally want to live there when we are old and rich (ha!). I chose a few houses including the one below that's on it's own island.

Our favorite port stop. It was a beautiful little town. We took a 3 hr small boat tour around the bay and fjords (yes that's a word) and spied some bald eagles and totem poles. We watched for whales but none showed up that day.

The houses above are floating houses and shacks used by the loggers so they can easily move around. Known as Loggerville.

A clan house and totem poles

We saw many bald eagles but most of our pics are from too far away. This one Jeremy captured by zooming the camera into a pair of binoculars and it actually worked. He's sitting atop a real totem pole.

our captain Bob and Princess

Glacier Bay (near Juneau)

In the picture above the blue looking mountain is actually a glacier. This is as close as our cruise ship could get without encountering a Titanic situation. We did see lots of small icebergs though. These are all taken from our room balcony.

The crew pulled up a small piece of iceberg for everyone to see. We waited for the crowds to die down and this was all that was left.

It was cold and apparently tastes like ice (duh and duh, right?)

We had no planned shore excursions here so just got off and walked around. It's such a small town, hard to believe it's a state capital. Particularly on that day when like 50% of the town came off a cruise ship.

We did find a cool little crab shack for lunch. It was like a hot dog stand except they served crab legs. We got a few and enjoyed! ( I think this is one of Jer's trip highlights by the way)

Jeremy in front of the state capital sticking his tongue out at you know who

This is an antique train and that big thing on the front was for carving through ice. Wild huh?

I just love this pic....our tour guide the forest ranger, an antique train, two cruise ships and a mountain.
In Skagway we signed up for glassblowing which was alot of fun. After watching him work some we each got to step up and assist with making our own glass ball ornament.

Jeremy blowing air into the ball, and below with his finished product

Mine being dipped in colored glass chards (of my choosing). When they heated it up the chards melted in and could be shaped into stripes or swirls. I chose an effect called 'windows'.

Around the Boat

As part of being in a penthouse, everyday we got some sort of appetizer delivered to the room (for free!)

This was the view straight down from our balcony, the very back of the boat

Our 'status' also got us a bridge tour and to meet the crew. Jeremy loved this part and totally geeked out asking them questions.

enjoying my wine and my electronic book!

We took workout clothes and worked out exactly twice. But hey, twice is better than never!

When a cruise ship advertises 'free margaritas' in the mexican restaurant...they mean exactly 2 oz

But the espresso for free and infinite, and Jeremy took advantage.

Another great view from our balcony.

It was a lovely vacation...lots of resting, lots of sights, lots of good time enjoyed together. Thank you husband!!


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